man-made dubai islands

some people have described dubai islands as the 8th wonder of the world. there is no doubt that these manmade islands in dubai will impress each and every visitor. the islands are built in such a way that it is hard to say they are man-made islands.

these dubai islands are completely manmade from scratch in the dubai coastal line. constructions of these islands launched after years of planning. currently dubai has two island groups.

palm island dubai

dubai palm tree island was the first manmade dubai island. the island is built in the shape of a date palm tree. there are three palm tree islands being built in dubai.

the palm island jumeirah

jumeirah beach is already famous thanks to burj al arab 7 star hotel. the palm island in jumeirah will consists of luxury accommodations such as hotels, villas, apartments etc.

the palm island jebel ali

jebel ali is the industrial free trade zone in dubai. the “theme” of palm island in jebel ali is entertainment.

there are plans to build theme parks and many more fascinating items for entertainments. palm island jebel ali is bigger than the jumeirah palm island.

palm island deira

this is going to be the third man-made palm island in dubai. deira is the “commercial capital” in dubai and this island will be built on the coast of dubai's deirah beach. this is going to be the largest of all palm islands. the “theme” of this island is “residential” it will consist of residential property, marinas, shopping malls, sports facilities, and clubs.

the world

the world is the latest addition to dubai islands. this is a collection of small islands shaped into the world map.

the plan is to build 300 private islands located off the coast of dubai in the united arab emirates. it will consist of 300 small private man-made islands.

size of islands will range from 23000 to 83000 square meters. the world islands will be located 4 kilometers off the shore of jumeirah, close to the palm island jumeirah.

buying properties in dubai islands

real estate in dubai islands has become a hot topic among property investors. even though the price is high, investors can expect a very high capital gain from properties on palm islands and the world island in dubai.

bill clinton, tiger woods and many other celebrities have bought properties in dubai islands.